BMW wheel center caps for orignal wheels 69 mm - free shippingWheel center cap for original wheels and logo BMW 69 mm



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Wheel center cap for original wheels and logo BMW 69 mm

These 69 mm wheel center caps for original BMW aluminum wheels with BMW logo can replace original center caps when your existing caps are lost or damaged.

This is is set of two separate products 4 pieces each - plastic center cap and aluminum logo sticker. This is not a genuine spare part.

Please check full description of this product for specification.
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Price:  23,60 €

              PRICE AND QUANTITY INFO              

The price is for a set of 4 pieces of cover for 4 wheels
Order quantity "1" = 1 set of 4 pieces

Specification of the center cap 69 mm for original wheels - logo BMW

Diameter A: 69,0 mm
Diameter B: 66,3 mm
Length C: 4,0 mm


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