Hub centric - spigot rings 64,1 - 59,1 mm ( 64.1 - 59.1 ) - free shippingHub centric - spigot rings 64,1 - 59,1 mm ( 64.1 - 59.1 )



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Hub centric - spigot rings 64,1 - 59,1 mm ( 64.1 - 59.1 )

This 64,1 - 59,1 centric rings are needed if your wheels have center bore diameter larger than diameter of the wheel hub on your car. Inner diameter 59,1 mm of the spigot ring can be used on many models of Nissan, Subaru and prevents unwanted vibrations.
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              PRICE AND QUANTITY INFO              

The price is for 1 piece of centric ring for one wheel
Order quantity "4" = 4 pieces for 4 wheels
If you need 1 piece only then order 1 piece etc.

Specification of the centric ring 64,1 - 59,1 ( 64.1 - 59.1 )

Inner diameter: 59,1 mm = car wheel hub diameter
Outer diameter: 64,1 mm = wheel´s center bore diameter - CB
Color: random
Material: durable plastic - ABS and similar


Inner diameter 59,1 mm of the centric ring compatibility

Most models of Nissan, Subaru .
Please notice - some models and/or years may have different size of the wheel hub.
If you are not sure what you need, please contact us
and provide info about your car brand, model and year.


Outer diameter CB 64,1 mm of the centric ring compatibility

Several alu wheels manufacturers have wheels with this 64,1 mm center bore diameter.
Each alu wheel model have few variants of center bore. You need to know it or ask wheel dealer.
Or you can measure it according to picture below - must be precisly +- 0,1 mm. If you do not have
proper tool or skills to measure, ask your mechanic to do it.


It could be used for some models of wheels manufactured by:

Artec, ASA, Borbet, DBW, Honda, ICW, Momo, RH, Rover, Shaper, Smoor, Zender, Zender


Click the picture of the center bore to enlarge to see the blue points where to measure it.


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