Risk free shopping

Sometimes - just like in daily live - things do not go as planned.
As a additional service to our customers we offer coverage of unpleasant situations that may happen time to time.




Return shipping cost
- to send it back to us

Return shipping costs are customer responsibility. Prices shown are usual prices for cheapest postal services.

 Costs of exchange
process and additional shipping from us to you

Wrong product or size ordered

You can send unused product for refund or exchange  2 - 5  Eur  GRATIS
Product not as expected - you do not like it

You can send unused product for refund  2 - 5  Eur  ----
Package not collected
at the post office and
returned to us

When package returned to us or visible on tracking site that is on the way back to us, we will send it again.  ----  GRATIS
You want to cancel order -
but it was already shipped

If not delievered yet:
- just reject the package and post will send it back to us. Then we will refund your payment.

If delivered:
- you can send unused product for refund


2 - 5  Eur

Wrong or incomplete delivery address
provided by customer

Please send us correct delivery address. We will send it again.  ----  GRATIS
Received product is
mechanically damaged

Please send us photo. We will refund your payment or send you new product. No need to send damaged product back to us.

 ----  GRATIS
Package lost during transportation
Shipment is cosidered as lost after time specified HERE. Your payment will be refunded.

---- ----


Instructions for return or exchange

- Put the product into envelope with some bubble protection and add some info for us.
- Take it to your local post office.
- Ask them for standart - cheapest mail - cost should be around 2-5 Eur.
- Registered or express mail is not needed - it is more expensive. But it is your choice and your costs.
- Once we receive the package we will inform you and refund your money or send you the exchanged product.


If you need other product fast and do not want to wait for exchange

- please create new order and payment for correct product and send the wrong product for money refund

Our delivery address:

Ivo Foltyn
Hornosusska 6B
735 64 Havirov
Czech republic